Search Engine Optimization

Learn the tools, resources and knowledge you need to rank webpages, video and content on the internet, for yourself or as a business.

Grey Beard SEO

Here you can learn what it takes and what is expected to out rank other content in your targeted niche. It may be as easy as proper use of tools for overnight success, or a long term campaign to out rank competitive niche markets on the internet. We will give you the resources and knowledge to elevate your desired visibility on the internet across multiple platforms.

Market Research and Intelligence

Know your market, the exploitable niches and where and how well crafted the competition ranks in every keyword arena.

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Building the right website

Learn what a website needs beyond looking appealing to visitors. Know what the competition is doing and why that may effect your ranking
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Rank Everything

Expose your content and brand across multiple platforms and rank it above the competition. Bring in leads from across the social spectrum through the use of imagery and video
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Test and Analyze

Learn to monitor you and the competition across multiple platforms in the most efficient way to understand and react to changes in your niche market. Always be ahead of the Curve
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Content Mastery

No one really has time to create content for every backlink article, blog post, or social post across multiple accounts and remain original. We will show you how to do it on autopilot. 
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Mobile Marketing

More and more content is being accessed by mobile over desktop. Learn to leverage this with responsive design and content that captures the micro moment.
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Compelling Graphics

Learn to create original graphic, imagery and video that captivates your audience with visual mastery over you competition. Be different and better with visual appeal.
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Learn how the experts automate almost every part of the optimization process in the most affordable and efficient means available today. Time is money. Efficiency is Money.
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Grey Beard SEO Mission

To maximize our users efficiency in successful online marketing through comprehensive yet understandable information, tools and support.